Growing Vegetables From Scraps Really Works. Save money by growing your own veggies.

Growing Vegetables From Scraps Really Works

Oh goodness everyone… I am so excited!! Typically, I have a very brown thumb, okay maybe more like a black thumb! I have a hard time growing anything. Even my aloe plant (the only plant I have ever managed to keep alive) suffers quite often. But, no more!!! Growing vegetables from scraps is quite simple even for someone like me. Black thumb be gone!! Yep! It really works! I just cut off the ends of some celery, romaine lettuce, and chives (sorry, sounds better than green onions) and stuck them in some water. Read more…

DIY Yarn Bobbin Holder to Keep Yarn From Tangling While Crocheting or Knitting

DIY Yarn Bobbin Holder Keep yarn tangle free with this afternoon project.

I was so excited to start working on a corner to corner (C2C) crochet project, also known as graphgans. However, when I started adding in new colors my yarn kept getting tangled!! How frustrating. I bet it also happens to some of you especially if you are working on any kind of crochet or knitting project with more than one color let alone 3 or 4! I was spending more time untangling yarn than I was crocheting! Between scouring the internet and ideas from my hubby, I decided to make my own Yarn Bobbin Holder. It was super easy to make with just a few tools, a couple dowels, and a scrap piece of wood and I completed it in just about an hour. Read more…

Super Easy Memory Wreath Christmas Ornament DIY

Super Easy Memory Wreath Christmas Ornament DIY

Every year when I decorate the tree I am sweetly taken back to memories of the past. So this year I decided to cherish those memories in ornament form by making Super Easy Memory Wreath Christmas Ornaments. The project was very simple and quick. Plus… You can make them using any color or decorations so that they match your Christmas decor. Read more…

DIY Double-Sided Table Sign for Fall / Thanksgiving

DIY Double-Sided Table Sign

Well… I finally finished my Fall / Thanksgiving table centerpiece. The last project was a double-sided table sign made out of a cardboard box, chalkboard paint and some burlap and lace. It was incredibly easy to make. It turned out so cute! It looks fantastic as the focal point of my fall centerpiece.
I am sure you could make one like this for any season so I will be posting one soon for Christmas. But, in the meantime, how about we get started on how you can make a Double-Sided Table Sign of your own… Read more…

No-Sew Burlap Pumpkin - How to make a super cute burlap pumpkin without sewing a stitch.

No-Sew Burlap Pumpkins Tutorial

Fall is upon us and Thanksgiving is almost here. In preparation for the holiday I wanted to spruce up my kitchen table with a fall centerpiece. To me nothing says fall like burlap crafts. I had just made a beautiful Fall Leaf Bowl (learn how to make one for yourself) and needed to liven up the dollar store pumpkins and pine cones I filled it with. The Fall Leaf Bowl will also set on a burlap table runner I made a couple years back so I knew the best way to tie everything together into one great centerpiece was to craft some burlap pumpkins! Read more…

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