Best Crochet Dish Cloth or Wash Cloth Pattern Ever

I have found the best crochet dish cloth or wash cloth pattern ever!! I know what some of you are probably thinking… why crochet a dish cloth when you can just buy them? Because, they last longer, work better, hold water better and they look better to me. Plus, I can make them in whatever size I want! I don’t have to stick with the standard size at the store. They are fun to make and just as inexpensive as a good quality dish cloth from the store. There is also the therapeutic benefits from crocheting as it relaxes and calms me.

That’s a lot of benefits to me! So, I started searching around for some of the best crochet dish cloth patterns I could find. I wanted one where it had little ribs for scrubbing. Low and behold.. Charmaine over at CDM Handmade has listed a some great patterns for FREE!!! I love freebies! So not only is the pattern free but she is an incredible crochet artist. Within her little trio series of wash cloths I fell in love with the Crunch Stitch Crochet Wash Cloth.

Best Crochet Dish Cloth Pattern from

She used a different style/brand of yarn but when worked in Sugar n’ Cream yarn the dish cloth is perfect for my scrubbing needs! The colors look great in my kitchen too. I used the Sugar n’ Cream in the Oasis color. It has great flecks of brown, copper and green.

Best Crochet Dish Cloth or Wash Cloth Pattern Ever

The little bumps make cleaning tough stuck on food a breeze. The dish cloth also holds water well and still wrings out great.

Best Crochet Dish Cloth or Wash Cloth Pattern Ever

The combination of such a great crochet crunch pattern and the choice of yarn makes the dish cloth last. The one to the right in the picture below has been used for over 2 months and washed several times.

Best Crochet Dish Cloth or Wash Cloth Pattern Ever

I am extremely hard on dish cloths as I would prefer to wash what few dishes I have instead of washing them in a 1/2 full dishwasher. (No need to waste expensive dishwasher tabs or powder and the water when you can wash them by hand in just a couple of minutes) As you can see the dish cloths hold up quite well. They don’t stretch out too much and look even better when they are wet.

So a big round of applause and kudos to Charmaine over at for offering a great pattern for free. I can’t wait to try the other patterns in her trio series.

Do you have a favorite crochet pattern for dish cloths, wash cloths, or towels? I would love to see what everyone else is using so please leave a comment below. If you have tried Charmaine’s patterns I would also love to know which is your favorite of hers. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family or fellow crochet buddies 🙂

Happy Crocheting!

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