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I would like to share with you a new free download today. The Free Magnetic Calendar Printable solved an annoying problem of mine and I thought you might benefit from it as well!

You see, I have one of those magnetic dry erase calendars on my office wall. One of the most annoying things is having to rewrite the dates every month. My hand smudges the dates if I don’t wait quite awhile to let the dry erase marker dry before I write in events. (Uggh… I just want to get the calendar done so I can move on to better things.)

I checked into some date magnets that I could purchase but none suited my needs as far as matching my decor, being thin so that it would be easier to write in events, or having extra dates for the previous and next month extra spaces. So…. time to design my own magnets!!

Free Magnetic Calendar Printable by

You are more than welcome to use the Free Magnetic Calendar Printable for personal use only! Simply print the Free Magnetic Calendar Printable pages out on printable magnetic sheets. I purchased the Avery brand from Amazon. Then cut out the months and dates using the border guidelines on the printable.


*** If you have a problem with the ink from the printer smudging, spray the entire printed magnetic sheet with a light coat of clear acrylic spray and let dry before cutting. ***

Free Magnetic Calendar Printable by

I chose to store my extra magnets in a magnetic container I bought at the local Dollar Tree. It works perfectly and I can hang it right on my calendar if I want.

(You can see that I got lazy and didn’t finish cutting out the extra dates. But, I will do that when I need them.)

Free Magnetic Calendar Printable by

The Free Magnetic Calendar Printable is currently available in a teal colored layout with all 12 months, the days of the week, 4 flags for paydays and some extra dates for previous and next month spaces in an alternate color combo. If you want to have different colors to match your decor just comment below and I will try to add more color options to choose from.

I hope you find this Free Magnetic Calendar Printable as useful as I have. Don’t forget to share this free download with your friends and family. Together we can stop the frustration of smudged calendar dates. 🙂

Free Magnetic Calendar Printable by

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