Mom's Little Refrigerator Vase Tutorial Mother's Day Gift Idea

This little refrigerator vase project is perfect for those moms or grandmas that receive small flowers that the little ones have picked in the yard. From dandelions to pansies, Mom’s Little Refrigerator Vase will hold those precious little tokens of love. What to do when there aren’t fresh flowers? Simply fill the vase with small silk flowers to preserve the memories.

Mother’s day is right around the corner and it got me thinking about all of the wonderful moments I have had with my kids. I remember when they used to pick flowers, yes typically dandelions in the yard. Full of pride and love, they would bring them in to me. Unfortunately, I never knew what to put these tiny little bouquets of love in to keep them alive without drowning them. Glasses were too large, vases were too large, even small jars wouldn’t keep the flowers upright.

Moms and grandmas often display their children’s artwork, photos and more on the refrigerator so why not the little flowers the children so happily pick as well? Mom’s Little Refrigerator Vase is a perfect Mother’s Day gift idea. It will also be a welcome addition to the lovely collage of children’s mementos and to preserve the memories of floral affection they have received over the years.

So let’s get started making one for yourself 😉 or for the special moms and grandmas you have in your life.


Small Bottle (cleaned out makeup bottles, essential oil bottles, or fingernail polish bottles work well)

Strong Flat Magnet (Strips work best, or standard round magnets)

Heavy Duty Glue

Acrylic Paint or Stickers


Small Silk Flowers

Mom's Little Refrigerator Vase Tutorial Mother's Day Gift Idea

Step 1:

Prep the bottle. Makeup bottles, fingernail polish bottles or essential oil bottles are the perfect size. Simply wash out the bottle thoroughly and paint the bottle if desired. The essential oil bottles I used were already white so there was no need to paint. Leaving the bottle clear may also fit well with your design.

Step 2:

Add some decoration to the bottle. I hand painted the bottle that says Love, but if you are not artistic you can use a variety of stickers. The “No Rain, No Flowers” design was a couple of stickers that I had in my planner supplies. You could also print out a design and mod podge the printed design onto the bottle.

Mom's Little Refrigerator Vase Tutorial Mother's Day Gift Idea

Step 3:

Wrap a bow around the top of the bottle to hide the cap threads. Choose any ribbon you desire or you can even use twine to give the bottle a bit more rustic look.

Step 4:

With strong adhesive, glue the magnet on the back side of the bottle. Make sure to center the magnet so that the design on the front will show properly.

*** Tip: The magnet must be strong enough to hold the bottle filled with water so that it will not slide down the refrigerator when the door is opened and closed. ***

Mom's Little Refrigerator Vase Tutorial Mother's Day Gift Idea

Step 5:

Fill with small silk flowers so that Mom’s Little Refrigerator Vase can be displayed immediately and mom or grandma will have flowers when there are not live ones from the yard.

Mom's Little Refrigerator Vase Tutorial Mother's Day Gift Idea

I truly think this is a sweet way to display those tiny little tokens of love that the children bring in. With the silk flowers you can show off that love all year through.

Mom's Little Refrigerator Vase Tutorial Mother's Day Gift Idea

I would love to hear mom’s or grandma’s reactions when you present this sweet little gift so be sure to comment below. Maybe you made one for yourself… I would love to hear how you designed yours as well.

Please make sure to share this with your friends and family so that they can make one for the special mom in their life too.

To Moms and Grandmas Everywhere…

Happy Mother’s Day!!

I hope you are blessed beyond words!!


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