How Arts and Crafts are pleasing to God

How Arts and Crafts are Pleasing to God.

It took me quite a while to realize it but when I craft or draw or do anything even slightly creative it is actually pleasing to God. Did you know that? Well, it is. That is as long as the project is made out of love and kindness. Sometimes it is simply a beautiful mess that I am making when all the paint, glitter, beads, and pretty paper scraps are scattered all over my crafting table, but it is still pleasing to God because that mess has produced something useful.
So what exactly do I mean that crafts or art or making a colorful mess is pleasing to God? Let me explain… Read more…

Painted Cooler Tips and Tricks

Painted Cooler Tips & Tricks

Apparently there is a huge amount of painted coolers out there done by fraternities. Some of them are really intricate and beautifully designed. I never imagined when I started surfing Pinterest that I would come across so many wonderful ideas! It’s quite amazing to see some of the artistry on coolers.
Since there is so much of an interest in painting coolers I thought I would share some tips and tricks to ease the process of painting your own cooler.  Read more…

One Hour Removable Furniture Makeover by

One Hour Removable Furniture Makeover

I was given a beautiful old desk for my craft room from my father-in-law. I absolutely love the desk, however it did not match my current craft room makeover so I asked if I could refinish it. Unfortunately, the answer was a resounding “No”. I really wanted to add a bit more personality to the desk so I decided to find a way to give the desk a makeover that could be removed… Read more…

All About the Seed Beads - Beaded Creations by Theresa Caroon

All About the Seed Beads

My life has truly been All About the Seed Beads. I have been working with seed beads to create intricate jewelry and accessories for over 30 years! (Wow… just realized how long it’s been!)

I would like to share some of my larger pieces so you can see what is actually possible with just some string, beads and time. And I do mean lots and lots of time. Most of these pieces are well over 20 to 30 hours worth of work. Read more…

Cleaning Old Bottles the Easy Way by

Clean Old Bottles The Easy Way

I am getting ready to start a whole series about re-purposing old bottles and turning them into beautiful decor for your home. So, I thought I should show you how to clean the labels off of the bottles especially since I have about 100 bottles to clean!! Wow, that is a lot of projects coming your way so stay tuned 🙂

But first, let’s see how to get those labels off… Read more…

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