Prayers for Parkland Florida from Handcrafted With Grace

Tragedy has struck our country once again with the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. My sincerest prayers go out to the grieving and brokenhearted and all those involved in yesterdays devastating and horrific event. My heart is saddened by the loss of lives even though I do not personally know the individuals involved.  I can only imagine the pain, heartache, sorrow,  confusion, anger, and all the other deeply rooted feelings of those involved.

When such a devastating and irrational event happens in our world it is hard to know how to help. We can of course start with prayer. God is there to help the wounded, comfort the grieving, encourage the weak. Prayer helps those left behind feel comfort by just knowing that someone, somewhere is thinking of them with love and empathy. Prayer helps by acknowledging that while there is nothing we may be able to do physically, our cries are heard by God and He will send comfort. We are to love one another. We can express that love for our fellow man through prayer. So pray with me…

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your loving guidance and comfort in times of need. This is one of those times dear Lord that only You can ease the burden of the grieving. Please I pray, that You lift up the souls that have lost a loved one in this tragic event. Ease their grief. Lift them into your loving arms and carry them through this awfulness so that they may feel warmth, support, and most importantly love. Help them to understand that although they may feel there is no hope, You are the source of hope, love and peace and that through You they may find rest from their burdened hearts.

We are only human dear Lord. We seek to make sense of a tragedy such as this when there is no sense to find. Help all of us to show our love and support in a manner that encourages healing. Show everyone how to find Your peace within their confusion and anger. Help all of us to realize that no matter how devastating and senseless the event is, that You are still there and will use all things, even a tragedy such as this, to the betterment of Your kingdom. We may not understand how You can and will use this event but help us to trust that You will.

I put my trust in You alone Lord. I trust that You will comfort the hurting, ease their burden, and uplift their spirits. Keep us, guide us, and direct us that we may find ways to show our love and support to all those involved.

In Jesus’ Holy Name I pray. Amen.

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