Best Crochet Dish Cloth or Wash Cloth Pattern Ever

Best Crochet Dish Cloth or Wash Cloth Pattern Ever!

I have found the best crochet dish cloth or wash cloth pattern ever!! I know what some of you are probably thinking… why crochet a dish cloth when you can just buy them? Because, they last longer, work better, hold water better and they look better to me. Plus, I can make them in whatever size I want! I don’t have to stick with the standard size at the store. They are fun to make and just as inexpensive as a good quality dish cloth from the store. There is also the therapeutic benefits from crocheting as it relaxes and calms me. Read more…

DIY Yarn Bobbin Holder to Keep Yarn From Tangling While Crocheting or Knitting

DIY Yarn Bobbin Holder Keep yarn tangle free with this afternoon project.

I was so excited to start working on a corner to corner (C2C) crochet project, also known as graphgans. However, when I started adding in new colors my yarn kept getting tangled!! How frustrating. I bet it also happens to some of you especially if you are working on any kind of crochet or knitting project with more than one color let alone 3 or 4! I was spending more time untangling yarn than I was crocheting! Between scouring the internet and ideas from my hubby, I decided to make my own Yarn Bobbin Holder. It was super easy to make with just a few tools, a couple dowels, and a scrap piece of wood and I completed it in just about an hour. Read more…