Mom's Little Refrigerator Vase Tutorial Mother's Day Gift Idea

Mom’s Little Refrigerator Vase Perfect for the little flowers the kids pick in the yard.

This little refrigerator vase project is perfect for those moms or grandmas that receive small flowers that the little ones have picked in the yard. From dandelions to pansies, Mom’s Little Refrigerator Vase will hold those precious little tokens of love. What to do when there aren’t fresh flowers? Simply fill the vase with small silk flowers to preserve the memories. Read more…

Spring Easter Cross Wreath Tutorial by HandcraftedWithGrace.com

Spring Easter Cross Wreath Tutorial

Easter is almost here and with the beautiful memorial of Christ’s sacrifice for all of us I wanted to share with you a tutorial on making this Spring Easter Cross Wreath. The design of the wreath symbolizes what I feel is representative of Easter and Christ’s sacrifice for me.
Now this is just one design, and I am sure you could come up with elements in your design that will differ from mine. Read more…