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Free Magnetic Calendar Printable by

Free Magnetic Calendar Printable Stop handwriting dates on a magnetic dry erase calendar.

I would like to share with you a new free download today. The Free Magnetic Calendar Printable solved an annoying problem of mine and I thought you might benefit from it as well!
I checked into some date magnets that I could purchase but none suited my needs as far as matching my decor, being thin so that it would be easier to write in events or have extra numbers for the previous and next month extra spaces. So…. time to design my own magnets!! Read more…

Painted Cooler Tips and Tricks

Painted Cooler Tips & Tricks

Apparently there is a huge amount of painted coolers out there done by fraternities. Some of them are really intricate and beautifully designed. I never imagined when I started surfing Pinterest that I would come across so many wonderful ideas! It’s quite amazing to see some of the artistry on coolers.
Since there is so much of an interest in painting coolers I thought I would share some tips and tricks to ease the process of painting your own cooler.  Read more…