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Showing a Loving Heart and Mind - Handcrafted with Grace

Showing a Loving Heart and Mind in a Violent World

It is truly disheartening that there is so much violence and hatred in our world today. School shootings, murders and missing children, all the way down to outrageous political scandals and people comparing Christians to the mentally ill, all plague our world with violence or hatred in some form. As a Christian, it can be difficult to stay kind let alone loving towards others. It’s depressing to watch the violence and hatred unfold around you, but… There is Hope! Showing a loving heart and mind in the midst of a violent world doesn’t have to be a obscure and difficult thing to display. Read more…

Gain peace by learning to pray more and worry less. Handcrafted With Grace

Gain Peace by Learning to Pray More and Worry Less

Over the past few weeks a theme of “Pray More and Worry Less” has vibrantly appeared in my life. This theme kept reverberating through everyday things making me question how much I do actually worry when I shouldn’t. Worry is a joy killer. It can make you physically sick if you worry too much. But, how in the world are we supposed to stop worrying? Well, I don’t believe anyone can keep from worrying all together. But we can reduce our stress levels and gain peace by learning to pray more and worry less. Read more…

Prayers for Parkland Florida from Handcrafted With Grace

Prayers for Parkland, Florida To the grieving and brokenhearted

Tragedy has struck our country once again with the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. My sincerest prayers go out to the grieving and brokenhearted and all those involved in yesterdays devastating and horrific event.My heart is saddened by the loss of lives even though I do not personally know the individuals involved.  I can only imagine the pain, heartache, sorrow,  confusion, anger, and all the other deeply rooted feelings of those involved. When such a devastating and irrational event happens in our world it is hard to know how to help. We can of course start with prayer. Read more…

How Arts and Crafts are pleasing to God

How Arts and Crafts are Pleasing to God.

It took me quite a while to realize it but when I craft or draw or do anything even slightly creative it is actually pleasing to God. Did you know that? Well, it is. That is as long as the project is made out of love and kindness. Sometimes it is simply a beautiful mess that I am making when all the paint, glitter, beads, and pretty paper scraps are scattered all over my crafting table, but it is still pleasing to God because that mess has produced something useful.
So what exactly do I mean that crafts or art or making a colorful mess is pleasing to God? Let me explain… Read more…