Who I am can be and is a very complex statement. Yes, I am a sinner. I have also been saved by Christ’s sacrifice.  I am a servant of Christ who struggles with doing the right thing all the time. Even though God created me perfectly, I am far from perfect by human standards. I have far too many faults but also feel the Holy Spirit fully guiding me to correct my faults and become the person God intends me to be.

How does the blog fit in?

When I first started this blog I truly felt it was God’s call for me to share my love of crafting with the world. That way others could also learn how to create beautiful things. However, since that time I have come to realize that I was missing the larger point. God calls us to use all the talents, such as creativity, that he gives us (See 1 Peter 4:10). We are to share them with the world, but God was also calling me to a higher purpose. I just didn’t want to accept the responsibility that comes with God’s calling.

Truth be told, I was scared. Scared that all of you wouldn’t like what I have to say. I was afraid of being ridiculed for posting anything other than a beautiful craft project. Okay, so I was even afraid that you wouldn’t like my craft projects. But, I have come to understand that God wants me to use this blog for more than just craft projects. Coming to accept that God wants me to speak His Word of Truth as well as sharing my talent of creativity was a very hard thing to do.

This blog is not about me.

It is about what God wants me to share. It is about growing in faith and crafting along the way. It’s about being a woman in servant-hood to God. This blog is about sharing my experience of becoming a better person through the Holy Word, the Holy Spirit and the strength God gives me. All in the prayerful hope that someone may be drawn closer to Christ

By no means do I feel called to preach or be a preacher. I do believe that the Bible clearly shows us throughout scripture that there is a difference between the roles men and women should have within the church, marriage, and society. With those differences and with the fact that 1 Timothy 2:12 states that women should not teach and hold authority over a man, I was at an impasse. Called by God to spread the truth that I have learned through living with Him as my savior and through studying scripture and yet clearly instructed not to preach. So what was I to do?

How was I to follow God’s call?

Well, the goodness and graciousness of my husband pointed me in the right direction. I can still be a faithful servant, spreading God’s truth without holding any authority over men. If any man does read this blog he does so of his own authority not mine. I am only here to tell my journey of faith and what I have discovered along the way.

God was not and has never called me to be a preacher. He has called me to share my experiences along my journey of living for, laughing with, and loving Christ and everything handmade. I do not claim to be anything other than a servant of God. This blog is written in the aspect of sharing what I have learned through scripture and life experiences. It is my hope and prayer that other women can gain insight into their own struggles and possibly learn something about their own relationship with God in reading this blog. In no way do I want, need or desire to have authority over men, but do genuinely pray that men can also find value in what the Holy Spirit is leading me to say.

On with the journey…

Now that you know a bit more about who I am and why I am writing this blog, I earnestly pray that something in the following pages inspires, encourages, and uplifts you. I pray you find this blog to be a safe place to voice your own concerns, ask questions or just know that you are not alone! I pray God allows the words you find here to draw you closer to Him!

God bless,

Theresa Caroon
Handcrafted With Grace